Unlike the distant past, live dealer games are becoming the rule rather than the exception today. Due to the rapid increase in technology, there are more mobile devices on the market capable of handling the rigours of live gaming. In the past, live games could only be enjoyed via dedicated PCs but today, just about anyone can partake in a live game session on their mobile devices anywhere in the world.

There are a wide variety of these games that can be played instantly at the click of a button, without the need of downloading any software.

But it is pertinent at this point to state that playing live dealer games on your mobile device and playing at the comfort of your home or office, are two different things. Because playing live dealer games on your mobile on the go means you have less opportunity to focus on your plays, it is important to understand these tips to increase your chances of winning.

Ensure to Play a Live Game Suitable for You

After making use of our resource to choose the perfect live casino for your needs, the next step is to select a live game that is perfect for you. When choosing a live game, some of the considerations to keep in mind include the game's Return To Player (RTP) as well as the house edge.

This tip is important especially when you are playing on the go with your mobile device because the games become more difficult, and with the smaller screen, it is likely for you to miss out on details which can affect your strategy or betting outcomes.

A second thing to think of is your knowledge of the rules and how you can apply that knowledge to eke out an advantage over the game. Live casinos are played with real money so it is extremely important to select a game you have thorough knowledge of and play it.

Concentrate on Your Game

Now you have selected the game to play, the next step is to maintain focus. Mobile gaming is difficult because of distractions and this is even more so when you are playing at a live dealer. There is a limited time to place your bets so you have to decide on your strategy quickly. If some details appear tiny, use the zoom feature.


Playing live dealer games via mobile device can be fun and challenging. Interacting with the dealer ensures you have a realistic and enjoyable session. Also ensure you have your win and loss limits in place to ensure you can leave before taking in too many losses.