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This is for gamblers who have long ago cut their teeth in the gambling industry

  • the professional gamblers. Here we are yet talking about the players who can find their way through a casino table. For these players, there is nothing as boring or frustrating as a long bet time or breaks in session without any live action. These players are adept at taking care of the whole gambling repertoire, making split second decisions from wagering to decision making.

The only way to keep these players coming to your casino is by providing them with enough action to keep them glued to their seats within losing any momentum. The casino must have nonstop action from the moment they buy in to the end of the game. One of the ways to give these special players what they crave is by providing speed live casinos. Combine this with the best live casino bonuses and you have what makes a good casino great.

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Advantages of Speed Games

Whether we are aware of it or not, the fact remains that a continuous monotonous session of games can leave even the most avid gambler jaded after a number of rounds. This will eventually happen as a result of diminishing returns. The pleasure initially gotten when a player starts a session will continually lessen as the sessions continue until they derive no pleasure at all.

The players become dispirited and unexcited by the action going on before them. Many players even get drowsy. Land-based casinos attempt to solve this problem by pumping in pure oxygen into the casino to keep the players refreshed and alert. But pure oxygen is not the solution for all. For the players whose interest is quickly lost, they need speed tables.

These tables exponentially add to the excitement and intensity of each round, making the overall experience richer and far more rewarding for the gambler. Apart from keeping the adrenaline pumping, speed tables boost the number of rounds in each session. Because the betting times are cut short, the amount of bets gets boosted by as much as 40% or more which allows players to milk more rewards for their time.

There are many live speed games that can hold your interest but these ones will definitely catch your eye:

Lightning Dice

Game Type: Dice

Live Chat: Yes

Wager Limit: £0.2 - £500

Mobile Compatible: Yes

RTP: 96.21%

Side Betting: No

The smashing success of Lightning Roulette was all Evolution Gaming Needed to create Lightning Dice for players, a dice game with 1000x multiplier. The game is enjoyed using 3 dice and the aim of each round is to fathom the total numbers of the dice that is released via the Lightning Tower.

Before dropping each dice, the lightning bolt will strike at any of the random numbers below the screen which multiplies the total should the dice produce the predicted outcome. Players are given just 18 seconds to wager their bets which makes it very exciting to play especially where multiple chips are being arranged on the table.

Players who enjoyed Lightning Roulette can play this game in a live casino powered by Evolution Gaming.

Live Infinite Blackjack

Game Type: Single Hand

Live Chat: Yes

Wagering Limit:£1 - £5000

Mobile Compatible: Yes

RTP: 99.51%

Side Betting: Yes

Another live game from the stables of Evolution Gaming, this version of Blackjack is infinite meaning there is no limit to how many players who can get in on the action. There are 8 decks with four side bets. One difference between this game and other blackjack varieties is the disposal of dealt cards.

Rather than being placed on the vertical shoe, the cards get discarded via the slot located in the middle of the table. The cards subsequently get scanned after which they appear before the player. There are only 18 seconds within which players are allowed to place their bets and this makes Live Infinite Blackjack the fastest blackjack of them all.

You can find this game and get a bonus here. This website have a great selection of live games for their customers.

Dream Catcher

Game Type: Wheel

Live Chat: Yes

Mobile Compatible: Yes

RTP: 96.58%

Side Betting: No

dream catcher

This is arguably one of the most famous real money games in the casino industry and offers a healthy payout of 1:1 to 40:1 except in cases where the wheel ends at a multiplier which multiplies the value that will be included in the payout.

Players will particularly enjoy Dream Catcher during the Halloween due to the fact that the hosts wear Halloween costumes to add more visual excitement to the overall experience. It takes 18 seconds to place your bets which make sessions to run extremely fast. Also from Evolution Gaming, players can enjoy this game in almost all casinos powered by this software provider and who offer live games for their players.